Contractor Mortgages: Your Top 10 Questions Answered

The thought of securing a mortgage as a contractor without a regular paycheck might seem like an uphill struggle. But fear not. Whether you’re treading the path of homeownership for the first time, looking to move home or buy a rental property, we have the answers. Based on the most common questions we field, this […]

Don’t Be Part Of The 34%

Did you know that 34% of those who make financial decisions, without seeking advice, will regret those choices? This is according to data collected on an Unbiased survey. Making a wrong decision can be costly and very stressful. Savvy contractors take financial advice before making every financial decision. But, where to get the advice? This […]

A Regular Wage Or A Cash Injection?

As a temporary worker, contractor or freelancer, if you can’t work through illness, then you can’t earn. Unlike employees, with the luxury of receiving either contractual or statutory sick pay, contractors need to implement their own financial safeguards to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their day rate. Consider the financial ramifications if you suffer […]