Modern Slavery Risk Within The Construction Sector

A shocking report reveals the full extent of “Operation Cardinas”, one the UK’s largest modern slavery investigations, and lessons learned.  The investigation found that a criminal group managed to place victims of forced labour into a number of major construction sites and infiltrated at least 33 businesses. Dame Sara Thornton, the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner notes […]

Construction Output Through The Roof in 2021

Annual construction output increased by a record 12.7% in 2021 compared with 2020, mainly as a result of the coronavirus pandemic contributing to a very weak 2020.  However, a 12.7% rise after a 14.9% fall (in 2019) is a significant net fall of 4.2% over the two-year period. According to official figures, the 2% monthly rise […]

Construction Sector Conundrum – Why The Worker Shortages?

A new study considers the construction sector conundrum; why are there shortages of workers in a sector that offers so much?  This industry engages many self-employed people, and large numbers of temporary workers so we were keen to find out more.  According to the Institute of Employment Studies (IES), construction offers workers stability and security, […]

Construction Sector Hit By VAT Issue

The construction sector continues to be hard-hit with soaring demand, soaring costs, worker shortages, now has a new VAT issue to contend with on top of everything else.  Earlier this year, the government introduced a VAT reverse charge which basically means that VAT is paid by the customer at the end of the construction supply […]

Self-Employed People Not Allowed on Public Sector Construction Projects

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) has developed plans for the construction sector to stop engaging self-employed people in public sector projects by 2024, instead they are calling for direct employment.  This would be a very big change given that there were approximately 811,000 self-employed construction workers at the end of 2020, which is estimated to […]

Construction Industry Leads the Way Towards Economic Recovery

Despite the pandemic, December 2020 was the busiest and best period for the construction industry as it was the fourth consecutive month that self-employed contractors earnings have increased.  The best performing regions were the North West (up 9.1%), the South East (up 4.1%) and the North East (up 2.6%).  Unfortunately the West Midlands saw a […]