Contractors Launch Group Legal Action Against Umbrellas

Our friends over at Contractor Voice are launching group legal action against umbrella companies suspected of wrongdoing in relation to paying contractors their earnings.  The campaign group has a history of exposing dubious practices within the umbrella sector, including withholding holiday pay and skimming – both of which can be done legally and therefore are […]

Umbrella Accused Of “Skimming” Threatens Legal Action

Orange Genie, a well established umbrella firm, has threatened legal action against campaign group Contractor Voice following an accusation that Orange Genie has been “skimming” money away from contractors.  Contractor Voice says it has analysed payslips issued by Orange Genie and found an additional £2 deduction disguised within the heading “Employment cost, including Employer National […]

Holiday Campaign Launched #doyougetyours

IWORK and Contractor Voice have launched a campaign to raise awareness that thousands of temporary workers and umbrella contractors are missing out on their statutory right to paid holiday. Legal right to paid holiday The working time directive states that all UK workers are entitled to receive 5.6 weeks paid holiday annually.  The statutory right […]

Holiday Pay Campaign For Redress Gathers Pace

Our friends over at Contractor Voice have stepped up their campaign against holiday pay being unfairly retained from temporary and contract workers by their agency or umbrella company.  They are in talks with specialist lawyers to seek financial redress for affected workers, and formal legal action seems inevitable.  The legal experts have confirmed that the […]

Another Holiday Pay Case & Gap Pay Too

Our friends over at Contractor Voice have unearthed another case where an umbrella has allegedly not paid holiday pay to their contractor(s).  As well as implementing processes at scale in order to withhold holiday pay, the latest revelations centre around ‘gap pay’, an initiative which promises to pay contractors when they are not working.  However, […]

Latest On Workwell Holiday Pay Issue

You may have seen our publication of legal letters from Workwell (previously JSA) claiming defamation in relation to our article about their with-holding of properly accrued holiday pay from a contractor. It is good to see that Contractor Voice, the source of the contractor’s evidence in the Workwell case, are refusing to be silenced too. […]