Latest Additions To HMRC’s Tax Avoidance List

HMRC have just published an updated list of ‘named tax avoidance schemes, promoters, enablers and suppliers’.  There are four new additions: Countrywide Partners Limited Industria PAYE Limited Pure Invoicing Limited U R Group Limited There are now 11 companies on the list in total, and the latter 3 added today (Industria, Pure and UR) are […]

Corrupt Procurement Boss Prosecuted

A former Coca-Cola Enterprises manager has admitted taking more than £1.5m in bribes in exchange for helping favoured companies win lucrative contracts. Noel Corry, who created the corrupt procurement, has been forced to sell his family home and repay Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd £1.7m when his nine-year scam was discovered.  He took bribes in exchange for […]

035 Why You Need To Know About Corporate Criminal Offence

The recruitment sector pays salaries to millions of temporary workers and contractors, and this volume of money makes it a target for potential tax evasion.  In 2017 new legislation was introduced, the Criminal Finances Act, which makes failing to prevent tax evasion a ‘Corporate Criminal Offence’.  Some contractors have unknowingly been involved in tax evasion, […]

What is the Criminal Finances Act and why does it matter?

The Criminal Finances Act was introduced on 30 September 2017, and was designed to bring criminal charges against any corporate organisation which fails to prevent its employees and other associates from facilitating tax evasion. What is tax evasion? Tax avoidance is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as “ways of paying only the smallest amount of tax […]