038 Cyber Security Update With Francis West

Following our very popular previous episode on cyber-security, Francis West agreed to come back and give us an update.  Everything is constantly evolving within cyber-security, and as a self-employed business owner you can’t afford to leave this to chance – you must take steps to protect yourself otherwise the consequences can be devastating. Every 19 […]

034 Cyber Security Essentials For Your Business

Did you know that hackers are usually on your system for 250 days before you even realise it?  This is plenty of time for them to gather critical business information and if you are self-employed you are not immune to attack!  In fact you are an ideal target for hackers according to todays guest Francis […]

Would State-Run Umbrella Sector Regulation Ensure Workers Get Paid? 

Umbrella workers unpaid You may have seen reports of a cyber-attack on Giant Group last week which has resulted in problems for many of their workers who have not been paid – including some lorry drivers which likely exacerbates the fuel shortage situation.  According to a statement on Giant Pay’s website: “We can confirm that […]