Deliveroo Riders Are Self-Employed

Deliveroo has won the latest battle in the long-running dispute over the employment status of it’s riders.  The takeaway delivery app has always claimed that their delivery riders are self-employed and the Court of Appeal have confirmed this is the case, despite claims that the riders are actually “workers” who should receive certain statutory rights. […]

Ed Miliband Calls for 12-Week Paternity Leave

The current paternity and maternity leave system encourages a “men at work, women at home” culture according the Shadow Business Secretary Ed Miliband.  Men are entitled to receive two weeks’ paid paternity leave at a flat rate of £150 a week, which he proposes should be increased to 12 weeks. Writing in his latest book, […]

European Worker Rights Laws to be Reviewed?

Despite previous denials, the government is considering amending some key EU enshrined employment laws which protect workers.  According to a BBC report, Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng has confirmed some employment laws will be reviewed, but he also says that worker rights will not be diluted. According to the report, the working time directive is set […]