Gig Workers To Be Taxed At Source In Ireland?

According to The Times, Ireland’s Revenue wants to tax workers in the gig economy as soon as they are paid.  These workers obtain their gigs through online platforms and apps such as Deliveroo and Uber, and the platforms would be responsible for deducting tax on each transaction before workers receive their pay. Under the plan, […]

Deliveroo Found Guilty of Abusing Riders’ Rights in France

Deliveroo has been found guilty of abusing the freelance status of it’s cycle riders in France, with two former managers being given suspended one-year prison sentences and fined 30,000 euros each.  The company was fined the maximum penalty of 375,000 euros and will have to publish the court decision on Deliveroo’s French home page for one […]

Gig Economy Workers To Become Employees By Default

New EU rules mean that platform economy workers will be presumed to be employees of the digital platform that engages them.  This in turn will require apps and platforms to ensure that their workers receive minimum wage, paid holidays and pension rights.  Most of their workers are currently engaged as self-employed, and therefore with no […]

Purplebricks Faces Legal Action For Holiday And Pension Payments

More than 100 workers are preparing legal action against online estate agency Purplebricks as they believe they are entitled to holiday pay and pension contributions.  This is the latest in a string of high-profile employment status cases (such as Uber, Pimlico Plumbers, Addison Lee, and Amazon) where self-employed people appear to be workers in employment […]

Amazon Drivers Launch Fight For Employment Rights

Up to 3,000 Amazon drivers could be entitled to an extra £10,500 each year for the distribution of goods and deliveries that they undertake, according to law firm Leigh Day – the same company that brought about the now infamous Uber case. The law firm has launched an employee rights claim on behalf of drivers […]

Dutch Uber Drivers Are Employees

Uber has lost another court case in relation to the employment status of it’s drivers, this time in The Netherlands.  The Federation of Dutch Trade Unions argued that approximately 4,000 Uber drivers working in the Dutch capital should be entitled to certain workers’ rights.  The Amsterdam District Court agreed that drivers should be classed as employees […]

Deliveroo Riders Are Self-Employed

Deliveroo has won the latest battle in the long-running dispute over the employment status of it’s riders.  The takeaway delivery app has always claimed that their delivery riders are self-employed and the Court of Appeal have confirmed this is the case, despite claims that the riders are actually “workers” who should receive certain statutory rights. […]

025 What is ‘Employment Status’ and Why Does It Matter?

No doubt you will have heard about the Uber case, and several others that have cropped up recently in the gig economy.  These all centre around the common theme of workers disputing their employment status and seeking certain statutory rights.  If you are a temporary worker, do you know what your employment status is?  Do […]

Uber Gives Their Drivers Some Worker Rights

Following their recent legal battle in relation to the employment status of Uber drivers, (which concluded that the individuals in question were “workers” and not self-employed), the firm has now confirmed it will provide it’s drivers with certain worker rights.  Their 70,000 UK drivers will be guaranteed at least National Living Wage @ £8.72 per […]