New Legislation To Protect Gig Workers In The EU

Good news for gig workers throughout the EU as the Platform Work Directive has finally been adopted by the European Parliament with 554 votes in favour, 56 against, and 24 abstentions.  It has been a long arduous process for the EU to reach agreement, and several times it looked like it wouldn’t happen at all. The […]

EU Platform Work Directive Receives Parliamentary Support

The European Parliament’s Employment and Social Affairs Committee overwhelmingly gave its backing to the EU Platform Work Directive agreement last week.  Out of 40 MEPs on the committee, 37 voted in favour, three against.  This now paves the way for ratification by the whole of the European Parliament next month. Why is it controversial? The […]

EU Platform Work Directive IS Going Ahead

After several years of back and forth, a provisional agreement has finally been reached meaning that the EU Platform Workers Directive will now be going ahead.  The purpose of the directive has always been to protect workers from being exploited by platforms, with employment status being a key feature of the legislation. Presumption of employee […]

Not All Gig Economy Workers Want To Be Employees!

So says Glen Hodgson who is campaigning against new legislation planned to give gig workers employment rights.  His group, Freelance Movement, is demanding that the European Parliament listen to freelancers and respect the voice of those directly impacted by the Platform Work Directive. If the EU Parliament gets its way, Glen and millions of others […]

EU Finally Agrees On Proposed Platform Work Directive

After more than a year of protracted negotiations, the European Union Council has finally agreed their Platform Work Directive which could see gig economy workers presumed employees even if they are engaged on a self-employed basis.  The proposed legislation includes the following provisions: Seven criteria for deciding if a platform worker should be considered an […]

EU Finally Agrees Platform Workers Rights

After months of negotiations, the European Parliament has finally agreed it’s position on platform workers rights with a new EU Directive set to give this important workforce much-needed protections. In essence, the legislation will mean that these self-employed platform workers will need to be engaged as employees and receive all the statutory rights of employment.  […]

EU Platform Work Directive Delayed

Ironically, this week’s planned vote in European Parliament on the Platform Work Directive was prevented by workers going on strike, as travel disruption meant that MEPs could not get to and from Strasbourg.  It was entirely unrelated to platform working, the general strike took place in France due to plans to raise the pension age. […]

EU Platform Work Directive Under Threat

Last year plans for an EU Platform Work Directive were announced which would have presumed all gig workers to be employees rather than self-employed, but the legislation now looks set to be diluted. The Czech Presidency of the European Council has proposed a reform of the text of the Directive which would raise the threshold […]