Which Gig Platforms Are Fairest For Workers?

In shocking revelations published today (28 April 2023), Oxford University researchers reveal that only two out of the twelve gig economy platforms they assessed could prove that their workers earn minimum wage after costs.  In their third annual report on the UK gig economy, researchers based at the Oxford Internet Institute, part of the University […]

Gig Economy ‘Fairness’ Ratings Published

Some 4.4 million people rely on gig economy platforms for at least part of their income, a figure that has more than doubled between 2016 and 2021.  This growing sector is controversial with concerns that workers are being exploited or treated unfairly, so academic group Fairwork has independently analysed five fairness aspects of the most […]

Public Believe UK’s Gig Economy Is Unfair To Workers

The majority of the UK’s population believe that the gig economy is unfair to gig workers according to research published by the University of Oxford’s Fairwork project.  Just 22% think that gig economy platforms pay workers a fair wage. The survey, conducted by Survation on behalf of the Fairwork research project, University of Oxford, polled 2,020 adults between the […]