Queen’s Speech Omits Employment Bill – Again!

We were disappointed to see that once again the Queen’s Speech (delivered by Prince Charles) has omitted to include the long awaited employment bill that was first promised in 2019.  It should have included draft legislation enabling the government to finally start regulating the umbrella sector, something that was first muted in 2017.  Now, some […]

It’s Not All About The Money!

An interesting statistic has come to our attention – more than a third of UK workers (35%), are willing to take a pay cut in exchange for permanent remote work, according to a survey of 2,000 workers by Reed.co.uk.  Why then, are more employers not offering such flexibility?  It should save them money in terms […]

Flexibility From Day One For All Workers?

The government has announced that British workers will get more choice over when and where they work, under new proposals to make the right to request flexible working a day one entitlement.  If an employer cannot accommodate a request, they would need to think about what alternatives they could offer – for example, if they […]