Two In Five Employees Have Considered Going Freelance

Against a backdrop of declining numbers of self-employed people since 2019 (a decrease of 800,000), a report published by IPSE on National Freelancers Day reveals many positives about this way of working: Almost two-fifths of employees (39%) reported that they have considered working for themselves; A third of employees (33%) believe that they could make […]

New “Freelance Not Free” Law

A new “Freelance Not Free” law has just been passed by New York state (pending approval or veto by the governor) which gives the following protections to freelancers working there: freelancers must be paid by the agreed date, or within 30 days of completion of the work; freelancers must receive written contracts from the businesses […]

Freelancing Is A Win:Win

We often hear headlines about the “great resignation” and the “war for talent” which combined with increasing numbers of job vacancies mean that freelancing can be a win:win for both businesses and self-employed freelancers. Firms that are struggling to recruit permanent staff are turning to freelancers and contractors to provide the talent and resources they […]

Businesses Will Pay Whatever It Takes For Top Freelance Talent

As the negative impact of staff shortages is felt across a myriad of UK industry sectors, a new survey from freelancer website PeoplePerHour reveals the critical role employers believe freelancers will play, and the competition this is creating for top talent.  According to the research, 84% believe freelancers can make a positive difference to their business, […]

033 How To Ensure You Actually Get Paid!

Freelancing should never actually be free!  But sometimes it can be really difficult to ensure you actually get paid on time by your clients, which can then have a significant impact on your business and personal finances.  So we’re talking to Helen Arney who specialises in helping self-employed people and businesses get paid, and she […]

New Research Shows One in Five Freelancers Working a ‘Side-Hustle’

New research on the freelance jobs marketplace shows more people have turned to freelancing alongside employed jobs during the pandemic. Nearly 1 in 5 freelancers (19%) are self-employed as a side-hustle alongside an employee position. Nearly two-fifths of side-hustlers (37%) said they started  freelancing in the last 12 months. 98% of side-hustlers plan to continue […]

019 Going Freelance Mid-Pandemic

We all know that unfortunately many people have lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic, and a number of those have since gone on to set up their own self-employed business.  Today we’re chatting to one such successful entrepreneur, Jessica Ross, about her experience of setting up her business mid-pandemic.  When we invited […]

017 How To Find Your Next Client

When you start working for yourself you need to ensure that you have a constant supply of clients, otherwise you risk having gaps in income.  Sounds obvious right?  But without a conscious strategy and client pipeline you risk panic-pitching to fill those gaps.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  Today, we chat to renowned […]

014 Going Freelance as an Introvert in an Extrovert’s World

We all know it takes courage to go it alone and set up in business working for yourself, especially if you’ve previously been an employee.  But what if you’re an introvert, does that affect your ability to go freelance and succeed?  To find out more, we chat to Caroline Joynson, a self-confessed introvert, about her […]