‘Hypocritical’ Just Eat Reverts Back To Self-Employed Drivers

Just Eat plans to make 1,700 couriers redundant from as the takeaway delivery firm reverts back to a gig economy model and scraps guaranteed minimum pay, sick pay and holiday pay.  The couriers are currently engaged as ‘workers’ will be replaced by self-employed individuals. The decision has been described as “a risky move” and “hypocritical”, given […]

Seattle City Council Votes To Protect Gig Workers

Seattle City Council has unanimously passed a policy to create protections for gig workers who deliver meals, groceries and packages, and some on-demand service providers. According to the council, many app-based workers are underpaid, and sometimes after expenses (mileage, vehicle maintenance, insurance and other business expenses) workers may even lose money on a job.  It’s long […]

Rising Fuel Prices Severely Affect Gig Workers

Fuel prices have reached a historic high in the UK, so we should spare a thought for all of the gig economy workers who are suffering as a result.  Gig workers who drive for a living, for example private hire vehicles, couriers, food takeaway deliverers, have no option but to absorb these higher costs in […]