Gig Economy Workers Are Happier Than Employees

Gig economy workers are more likely than the general workforce to be happy with the flexibility, control, training, and earnings their work gives them, according to a report just published by the Social Market Foundation. The project was sponsored by Deliveroo, which signed a legal contract with the SMF ensuring the think-tank’s complete independence over […]

HMRC Should Better Advise & Support Gig Workers

In response to a government call for evidence, the Low Incomes Tax Reform Group (LITRG) have pointed out a number of flaws in how individuals working in the gig and sharing economies are taxed.  Currently, they are expected to fit within the Self Assessment tax system, i.e. be responsible for declaring their taxable income annually […]

Spiralling Gig Economy Engages 4.4m Workers Each Week

The number of people working for gig economy platforms has near-tripled in England and Wales over the past five years, according to new research published by the TUC today.  This amounts to 4.4 million people working for gig economy platforms at least once a week.  In addition, almost a quarter (22.6%) of workers have done […]

Portugal’s Gig Economy Will Get Worker Rights

New legislation in Portugal is set to grant gig economy workers certain minimum rights similar to those received by employees, rather than the current gig worker status as self-employed individuals.  A draft bill has been approved by the government but still needs to get the final green light from the Portuguese parliament, which is likely […]

Uber Recognises GMB Union in Historic Deal

GMB union and Uber have announced a historic trade union recognition deal, meaning that GMB will be able to represent up to 70,000 drivers across the UK. Drivers will retain the freedom to choose if, when and where they drive whilst also having the choice to be represented by GMB.  This builds on changes made […]

015 Supreme Court Uber Decision – Impact on the Gig Economy

You can’t have missed the fact that the Supreme Court recently concluded that Uber drivers are not self-employed, despite being engaged on that basis, but are actually workers.  This is a very significant judgement which looks set to have wide-ranging implications for the gig economy, so today we’re talking to Lewina Farrell, a solicitor with […]

European Commission Consults on the Rights of Gig Economy Workers

The European commission has started a consultation on the rights of gig economy workers who obtain work through online platforms.  The first stage will consider the need for possible EU action to improve the work conditions of platform work, and the second stage will see concrete proposals formulated and potential legislation introduced.  The key issues […]