Latest Insight On Government Plans To ‘Regulate’ Umbrella Sector

Yesterday (18 April 2024) was TAM Day, which you can be forgiven for not knowing is “Tax Administration and Maintenance Day”, when the government publishes details on how they plan to achieve their budget announcements.  This meant we finally got some insight into the government’s plans for regulating the umbrella sector, hooray! Regular readers will […]

HMRC Adds Four More To Tax Avoidance List

HMRC has updated (11/04/24) their published list of named tax avoidance schemes and promoters with the addition of four more companies: Acacia Management Services Limited Alphasaint Limited Ultra Employment Limited Worx 4U Limited.Abchurch Ltd They have also removed details of promoters/suppliers of two tax avoidance schemes first published in April 2023.  This is because the […]

Loan Charge Victims Discuss Their Suicide Attempts

Regular readers will know the shocking statistic that 10 suicides have been directly linked to HMRC’s abhorrent Loan Charge policy.  In addition, there has also been a number of attempted suicides, two of whom have now decided to speak out about their experience.  Last week they shared their story for the first time with Sky News. […]

Yet Another Broken Promise From HMRC’s CEO Jim Harra

Not only does HMRC’s Check Employment Status for Tax (CEST) tool ignore important employment status criteria, it is not keeping pace with applicable case law either! In a worrying development, HMRC have confirmed that they have not updated the IT logic behind their Check Employment Status for Tax (CEST) tool in the last five years.  […]

HMRC’s Bizarre Self-Assessment Helpline Saga Rumbles On

HMRC is fast becoming a laughing stock with their self-assessment phone helpline shenanigans!  Not only did they close it to most of their customers during their peak time for the service, in doing so shunning over 4m self-employed people, they announced a total closure of the helpline between 8 April – 30 September 2024. Now […]

Update To HMRC List Of Tax Avoidance Schemes

HMRC has updated (29/02/24) their published list of named tax avoidance schemes and promoters with the addition of: Abchurch Ltd Procorre LLP React Administration services Limited They have also removed details of promoters/suppliers of tax avoidance schemes first published on 2 March 2023.  This is because the law restricts the publication of these details to just 12 […]

HMRC Criminal Investigations Target Recruitment Sector

The Criminal Finances Act 2017 make it a Corporate Criminal Offence for a business to fail to prevent tax evasion associated with it.  It means that companies which fail to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion associated with their business are at risk – including those that refer you to dodgy tax schemes instead of […]

Court Decides Umbrella Contract Is Not Employment

An Upper Tribunal has concluded that an umbrella’s overarching contract was not employment, meaning that they are potentially liable for a multi-million tax bill for incorrect treatment of travel and subsistence expenses. Background Employees can claim tax deductible travel and subsistence expenses incurred through being required to attend temporary workplaces for their employer.  Umbrella companies […]

Umbrella Named On HMRC’s List Loses Challenge

An umbrella that was named on HMRC’s published list of tax avoidance schemes and promoters has lost their bid for a judicial review to challenge their inclusion on the ‘name and shame’ list. Brief summary of the case Easyway Umbrella Limited argue against their inclusion in HMRC’s list (section 86 notice) stating the following grounds […]