Advisors Urged To Submit Loan Charge Evidence

MPs request evidence from advisors who represent loan charge victims to give an overview of their clients’ situation and experiences of dealing with HMRC.  Their insights will build on the harrowing evidence already gathered from those directly affected by the disastrous policy, so that HMRC and Treasury cannot continue to ignore the situation. The previous […]

Influential MP Committee Slams Off-Payroll Implementation

Government departments have been severely criticised by MPs for “widespread non-compliance” with off-payroll legislation resulting in £236m being owed to HMRC  for incorrect IR35 status determinations in 2020-21.  The Public Accounts Committee said: “Such widespread non-compliance is not acceptable, particularly as government bodies should be best placed to understand the rules and communicate with HMRC.” […]

Loan Charge “Utterly Crippling Anxiety & Suicidal Ideation”

The Loan Charge & Taxpayer Fairness APPG is set to publish the results from their recent call for evidence and has released some early details of one individual’s situation.  The impact goes so much wider than purely financial, which at an average bill in excess of 6 figures is bad enough.  Below is an extract […]

Loan Charge Evidence “Deeply Worrying”

In a letter to Lucy Frazer QC MP, the Loan Charge & Taxpayer Fairness APPG have outlined their early view of responses to their recent call for evidence on the loan charge: “We are in the process of compiling this evidence and will share this with you, but already we can tell you that the […]

Two Avoidance Schemes Named by HMRC

HMRC has used new powers for the first time to name two tax avoidance schemes that target contractors, and anyone using these schemes could end up with a large tax bill. The 2 named schemes are: Absolute Outsourcing, of Foerster Chambers, Todd Street, Bury, Greater Manchester Equity Participation Scheme (EPS), promoted by Purple Pay Limited […]

Warning: Does Your Accountant Have Too Much Control?

In yet another attack on contractors working through their own limited companies, HMRC has now sent tax bills to 1,000 contractors after accusing their accountancy firm of breaching managed service company legislation. In essence, the specialist accountancy firm Churchill Knight & Associates has been accused of controlling their clients’ limited companies such that the limited […]

Warning: Self Assessment Taxpayers Being Scammed

HMRC is warning that self assessment taxpayers are being aggressively targeted by crooks after more than 570,000 scams were reported to HMRC in the last year. In the 12 months to January 2022, nearly 220,000 scams reported to HMRC offered bogus tax rebates. At this time of year, self assessment customers are at increased risk of falling victim […]

Important Call For Evidence: Loan Charge

UPDATE: deadline Friday 8 April 2022 In an important development, the Loan Charge and Taxpayer Fairness APPG has launched a call for evidence to establish the reality of the situation for all those impacted by the Loan Charge, whether they face the Loan Charge now or have settled with HMRC to avoid it. If you […]

Will Your Payslip Include A Political Message?

HMRC has asked employers to print the reasoning behind the forthcoming National Insurance Contributions increase on workers’ payslips.  The suggested wording is “1.25% uplift in NICs  funds NHS, health and social care.” The request has resulted in an outcry with many people believing it is fundamentally wrong, unprecedented and improper for businesses to include political […]