Rolled Up Holiday Pay To Be Allowed!

IMPORTANT development that should stop umbrellas and agencies stealing your holiday pay! The government has issued it’s response to the recent consultation on holiday pay and confirms that rolled up holiday pay will be officially allowed from next year. This is important for umbrella and agency workers, some of whom have had holiday pay unfairly […]

Landmark £40m Holiday Pay Case Could Have Major Implications

Supreme Court closes ‘loophole’, paving the way for temps and contractors to claim thousands in backdated holiday pay from their umbrella or recruitment agency. The case saw more than 3.700 police officers and civilian staff successfully claim backdated holiday pay from their employer, the Police Service of Norther Ireland (PSNI), which is deemed to have […]

The Government Is Listening To Us

Last week (07/07/23) was the deadline for responding to the government’s consultation on legislation changes resulting from leaving the EU.  Sounds dull right?  Perhaps!  But within this consultation was an important section on holiday pay, including a proposal to officially allow rolled up holiday pay – which had previously been deemed unlawful by the EU.  […]

Gig Workers To Get Holiday Backdated Beyond Two Years?

A group of medical couriers have won the right to seek backdated holiday pay covering the entire period that they were engaged, not just the two years that they were initially limited to.  The medical couriers were engaged on a self-employed basis by The Doctors Laboratory Limited, and in 2018 the couriers went to tribunal […]

Holiday Pay Changes – Will You Be Better Off?

The government has launched a consultation to establish how holiday should be calculated for temporary workers in the wake of last year’s Harpur Trust v Brazel case.  This ruling established that holiday entitlement should not be pro-rated down any further than 1 year, i.e. all workers should receive 5.6 weeks paid holiday annually, no matter […]

Temps Are Missing At Least £97m Paid Holiday Annually

Alarming figures released by IWORK show that the UK’s 1.6m temporary workers* are missing out on at least £97m worth of paid holiday annually.   This figure is based on someone earning the average salary of £26k being entitled to annual holiday worth over £3k, and applying that to just 2% of temps.  The £97m estimate […]

GMB Union Launches Collective Action On Paid Holiday

GMB Union has launched a collective grievance on behalf of its members against platform-based private hire firm Bolt.  They are seeking to secure paid holiday for Bolt drivers who are engaged on a self-employed basis.  There is already precedent for paid holiday in similar gig economy businesses, which according to GMB is an industry standard […]

Your Holiday Entitlement Could Be Changing!

A recent tribunal case is set to have a massive impact on how holiday is calculated for all workers who’s hours vary, and this of course includes temporary workers.  The case involves Mrs Brazel who was a visiting music tutor at Harpur Trust school.  Brazel was engaged on a zero hours contract and queried how […]

Systemic Abuse As Agency Repeatedly Underpays Workers

An investigation by the Observer has found that a recruitment agency supplying warehouse workers consistently underpaid them for work done, plus did not give their statutory holiday entitlement.  Mach Recruitment supplied the workers on zero-hours contracts to help process orders for PrettyLittleThing, Boohoo, The Very Group, Sainsbury’s and Currys. Arrogance of ignoring workers claims Shockingly, […]