039 What Does True Inclusivity Look Like In Recruitment? Part 2 of 2

“Rhetoric is just hot air if you don’t translate what you’re saying into action.”  In the second of a two-part special, we’re continuing our chat with Emma Freivogel of Radical Recruit about truly inclusive recruitment. We all know that people with protected characteristics cannot legally be discriminated against, but have you stopped to think about other […]

038 What Does True Inclusivity Look Like In Recruitment?

“Everyone wants to work, I don’t know anyone that wants to spend a life in poverty.”  In the first of a two-part special, we chat to Emma Freivogel of Radical Recruit about truly inclusive recruitment.  She works with radicals, people who have huge amounts to offer any employer but their background often means it is difficult […]

Employers Improve Recruitment Processes To Support Social Mobility

More than 100 employers including British Airways, Lloyds Banking Group and Nestlé have pledged to improve social mobility in their job application processes, after a survey found only half of young people feel the graduate recruitment market is inclusive of young talent from all backgrounds. Seventy-seven per cent of students believe the pandemic has worsened […]

Genuinely Inclusive Practices Could Solve Skills Shortages

Employers struggling to fill their skills shortages are being encouraged to tap into diverse pools of talent, including those who are disabled, have prior criminal convictions and younger and older workers.  Business in the Community (BITC), the Prince’s Responsible Business Network, is leading the campaign which, as well as filling vacancies will also encourage disadvantaged […]

033 Disability Is Not Inability

Warning, this episode might make you angry!  The pandemic disproportionately affected disabled people – 60% of people who died of COVID were disabled in some way.  Whilst this statistic is outside our control, inclusion is within our control.  But disability is often at the bottom of the agenda when it comes to equality.  So today, […]