034 Smart Works – Confident Dressing For Interview Success

Looking the part is helpful when it comes to getting a job, but what if your circumstances prevent you from having anything suitable to wear for an interview?  This happens to more people than you might imagine, and fortunately there are support services that can help.  Today, we’re talking to a fantastic charity, Smart Works, […]

Hirers Deterred By Candidates’ Messy Rooms

A new study by BT has found the COVID-19 pandemic has made a lasting impact on the recruitment process.  The majority (58%) of those polled said that a messy backdrop would deter them from hiring an otherwise perfect candidate, and almost a third (28%) admitted that they had not hired someone due to the background […]

014 Nailing A Presentation At A Job Interview

Following on from our last episode on job interview skills, today we’re looking specifically at how to nail a presentation during a job interview.  To help us we’re talking to Catherine Sandland, who coaches aspiring TEDx talk speakers and is herself a successful TEDx talk presenter.  So if you’ve got a job interview coming up […]