Fraudsters Posing As Recruiters On LinkedIn

There has been an increase in recruitment scams taking place via LinkedIn with jobseekers being defrauded out of large sums of money in fake processes.  Oscar Rodriguez, vice-president of product management at LinkedIn told the Financial Times “We see websites being set up, we see phone numbers with a seemingly professional operator picking up the […]

Job Scams Are Increasing – Can You Spot A Fake?

There has been a significant increase in job scams in recent years, our friends at JobsAware witnessed a 65% rise in reports of UK job posts advertising fake roles since March 2020.  Out of 1,000 job seekers surveyed by the charity, seven in ten said they believed they’d applied for at least one role that […]

001: Current Job Scams, an interview with Keith Rosser, Chair of SAFERjobs

Join Julia Kermode as she talks to Keith Rosser, Chair of SAFERjobs, about the increasing number of job related scams that are exploiting people currently. If you are looking for work then this is an incredibly important podcast episode for you to listen to. Keith shares his insight and knowledge of what the current job scams […]