Fraudsters Posing As Recruiters On LinkedIn

There has been an increase in recruitment scams taking place via LinkedIn with jobseekers being defrauded out of large sums of money in fake processes.  Oscar Rodriguez, vice-president of product management at LinkedIn told the Financial Times “We see websites being set up, we see phone numbers with a seemingly professional operator picking up the […]

Latest Research On How Jobseekers Should Harness LinkedIn

According to latest research, the best thing many jobseekers can do to help find work, is turn to your mutual acquaintances or colleagues rather than your family members or friends.  The study analysed data from 20 million LinkedIn members over five years and found infrequent arm’s-length relationships—known as weak ties—are more beneficial for employment opportunities, […]

Job Centres Encourage Women Into Construction

Hundreds of women have got construction and engineering jobs thanks to support from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) partnership with charity, Women into Construction, as latest figures reveal there are almost 2 million more women in employment since 2010. The partnership supports those DWP jobseekers who wouldn’t ordinarily consider a career in this […]

034 Smart Works – Confident Dressing For Interview Success

Looking the part is helpful when it comes to getting a job, but what if your circumstances prevent you from having anything suitable to wear for an interview?  This happens to more people than you might imagine, and fortunately there are support services that can help.  Today, we’re talking to a fantastic charity, Smart Works, […]

A Quarter of Job Applicants Receive No Response

New research commissioned by, one of the UK’s leading jobs and careers sites, has found that almost a quarter (24%) of workers that have applied for jobs since the start of the pandemic have had no response to their application. Of those that did receive a response and moved through the hiring process, long […]

The Great Reshuffle – Flexibility Is The Future

Coined as the “Great Reshuffle”, people are rethinking not only how they work, but why they work.  Flexibility and fulfilment are top priorities for workers everywhere, and they are ready to to make it happen.  Many people have already left seemingly stable or traditional careers in favour of “precarious” roles which bring them the flexibility […]

021 Help, I’m new to the jobs market and don’t know where to start!

We know that the pandemic has caused an increasing number of people to enter the jobs market unexpectedly, and we also know how overwhelming it can be to suddenly find yourself needing to find work.  For that reason we chatted to Maxine Hart from Wote Street People to create a podcast episode packed full of […]