Job Scams Are Increasing – Can You Spot A Fake?

There has been a significant increase in job scams in recent years, our friends at JobsAware witnessed a 65% rise in reports of UK job posts advertising fake roles since March 2020.  Out of 1,000 job seekers surveyed by the charity, seven in ten said they believed they’d applied for at least one role that […]

Fake Jobs Ringleader Prosecuted

The director of an accountancy firm has been prosecuted for his part in a fake jobs scam which cost innocent victims over £500 each as well as luring them into non-existent jobs. Wemba Akobola of Tshovo Accountancy Services was responsible for advertising fake jobs and interviewing candidates at luxurious venues.  Most interviewees were offered positions but […]

Scam: Loan Fraudulently Obtained In Jobseeker’s Name

Most headlines about the jobs market are about increasing opportunities for people to find work, but some job seekers’ experiences are a stark reminder that fake job adverts are also on the rise.  The victim found out that fraudsters took out a car loan of almost £4k in their name after obtaining personal details via […]