Temps Will Be Entitled To Request More Stable Work

A new law will entitle all workers in the UK, including temporary agency workers, the right to request a more predictable working pattern.  This has been under discussion for some time, and the draft legislation has received Royal Assent, meaning that the King has agreed it will become an Act of Parliament (law) in due […]

Significant Legal Change Could Impact All Workers

On Thursday 22 September, the beginnings of a potentially huge legal change commenced which seems to have gone largely unnoticed.  Jacob Rees-Mogg introduced a bill to put an end to EU-based legislation the UK has kept since Brexit which could affect working time regulations, the right to paid holiday, Agency Workers Regulations (AWR), aspects of discrimination […]

Legislation Approved To Allow Agency Workers To Cover Strikes

MPs last night approved controversial legislation that will allow temporary workers to cover for employees who are on strike.  Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps MP, proposed the change last month in response to rail  workers’ strikes and likelihood of largescale industrial action in other sectors this summer. Not only have the plans have been rushed through […]

New “Freelance Not Free” Law

A new “Freelance Not Free” law has just been passed by New York state (pending approval or veto by the governor) which gives the following protections to freelancers working there: freelancers must be paid by the agreed date, or within 30 days of completion of the work; freelancers must receive written contracts from the businesses […]

Gig Economy Workers To Become Employees By Default

New EU rules mean that platform economy workers will be presumed to be employees of the digital platform that engages them.  This in turn will require apps and platforms to ensure that their workers receive minimum wage, paid holidays and pension rights.  Most of their workers are currently engaged as self-employed, and therefore with no […]