Loan Charge Victims Discuss Their Suicide Attempts

Regular readers will know the shocking statistic that 10 suicides have been directly linked to HMRC’s abhorrent Loan Charge policy.  In addition, there has also been a number of attempted suicides, two of whom have now decided to speak out about their experience.  Last week they shared their story for the first time with Sky News. […]

MPs Say Loan Charge Similar to Post Office Scandal

The loan charge took centre stage in a recent parliamentary debate, with many MPs likening it to the Post Office scandal. Opening the debate, Sammy Wilson MP said: “I say to the House – I do not think that I am being overdramatic when I say this – that we are looking at another Horizon […]

HMRC’s Deceit Regarding Loan Scheme Convictions

HMRC’s Chief Executive Jim Harra has been accused of deliberately deceiving the Treasury Select Committee at an oral evidence session last month.   In response to questioning about whether HMRC has pursued promoters of loan schemes, Harra said the following: “I believe that in recent years we have successfully prosecuted or convicted about 20 promoters of […]

Who Are HMRC’s Customers?

Reflecting on the past year, we find ourselves wondering who exactly do HMRC exist for, who are their ‘customers’?  The answer is of course everyone. According to google HMRC is responsible for administering and collecting taxes, implementing customs and excise regulations, and overseeing certain state support.  Their biggest customer segment is individual taxpayers (us), followed […]

Why Is No-one Holding HMRC To Account?

Bereaved families of loan charge suicides are still pursued by HMRC for the sums owed     We were surprised to learn that HMRC continues to pursue bereaved families of loan charge suicides for the monies owed by their now deceased relative.  This is shocking, even to us as long-time campaigners against HMRC’s abhorrent Loan Charge […]

Tragic News As TENTH Suicide Linked To #LoanChargeScandal

Despite repeated warnings that HMRC must take action to avoid history repeating itself, tragically we have learnt of a tenth suicide linked with their Draconian loan charge policy.  HMRC’s chief executive Jim Harra revealed the shocking news as a side point in a letter sent to the Treasury Committee which stated: “HMRC has made ten […]

HMRC Fails In Its Duty To Police Recruitment Agencies

By failing to enforce agency legislation, HMRC has failed tens of thousands of temporary workers, freelancers and contractors; and this failure – on an industrial scale – has cost innocent people dearly. When answering a written question submitted by Sir Iain Duncan Smith, Victoria Atkins, Financial Secretary to the Treasury recently confirmed that: Most agency […]

No More Loan Charge Suicides: Vigil Held

A powerful protest and silent vigil has taken place in Westminster calling on the Government to find a resolution to the ‘Loan Charge scandal’, before it claims more lives.  Members of the Loan Charge Action Group gathered both outside Parliament and outside HMRC to send a powerful message to Treasury ministers and senior HMRC staff […]

Tax Professionals Urged To Take Action Against Loan Charge

Professionals from across the tax sector are being urged to sign the Loan Charge resolution proposal, which has been produced and published by a group of independent professionals, to finally resolve the ‘Loan Charge Scandal’ and end the nightmare for thousands of UK families. The group of tax lawyers, tax advisers and accountants, led by […]