BBC Exposes Mini Umbrella Company Fraud

A BBC investigation has revealed more than 40,000 people from the Philippines have been recruited to front mini umbrella companies in the UK, with some staff at NHS Covid test centres being engaged via this kind of scheme. How mini umbrella companies work Mini umbrella companies are not new, in fact they have existed in […]

006: How to identify tax avoidance schemes that pose as compliant “umbrellas”

Today we’re talking to specialist tax advisor, Tom Wallace of WTT Consulting about tax avoidance schemes which specifically target temporary agency workers and contractors.  These schemes all operate in a similar way to disguise your remuneration as something else which they allege is not taxable.  Often they pose as compliant umbrella firms so it is […]

HMRC issues warning against mini-umbrella

Mini-umbrella arrangements have long been operating within the supply chain of temporary workers, and HMRC has finally issued a warning to the supply chain against this type of fraud. It has been growing in traction in recent years, however there has been inadequate awareness regarding why these schemes are not compliant. Indeed these schemes can […]

What is mini-umbrella?

Mini-umbrella is an arrangement where a seemingly compliant umbrella employs it’s workers through lots of small companies (or mini-umbrellas) in order to receive the employment allowance and/or access the flat rate VAT scheme. HMRC view this type of employment intermediary model as an organised crime threat to the UK Exchequer because it abuses two incentive […]