Recruitment Agency Concern Frees Modern Slavery Victim

Thanks to a recruitment agency raising concerns, three people who exploited and abused a vulnerable worker in South Wales have been convicted of modern slavery offences. The Latvian victim was forced to work to pay off an ever-increasing “debt” whilst living in fear of threats against his family and physical violence.  At the same time […]

Modern Slavery Risk Within The Construction Sector

A shocking report reveals the full extent of “Operation Cardinas”, one the UK’s largest modern slavery investigations, and lessons learned.  The investigation found that a criminal group managed to place victims of forced labour into a number of major construction sites and infiltrated at least 33 businesses. Dame Sara Thornton, the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner notes […]

032 What Is Financial Exclusion And Why Does It Matter?

Many temporary and agency workers are financially excluded, an issue that is not well known so we’re highlighting it in today’s episode.  So what exactly is it, and why does it matter?  To help answer these questions, we’re talking to Matt Oldham of Unizest, who tells us: One in four people in the UK will […]