Attitudes To Self-Employment Are Contributing To The Cost Of Living Crisis

Here in the UK we are currently (December 2022) experiencing a cost of living crisis which is almost certainly exacerbated by the recent pandemic.  Today we’re chatting to employment lawyer Cristian Ley about how attitudes towards self-employment have changed in recent years, the impact of politics, and how that is now impacting on the cost […]

The Political Farce Continues

Today the new Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt MP, has given a statement which undoes pretty much all of the tax measures outlined in Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini-budget delivered just 3 weeks ago.  The following tax policies will no longer take place: Cutting the basic rate of income tax to 19% from April 2023; Cutting dividends tax by […]

IR35 Is Chancellor’s Rabbit Out Of The Hat!

The Chancellor’s mini-budget included a so-called “rabbit out of the hat” announcement, which was Kwasi Kwarteng’s unexpected decision to repeal off-payroll legislation.  Social media has been ablaze with lots of misinformation incorrectly stating that IR35 itself has been overturned.  It’s important to note that IR35 legislation is still very much in place, and will continue […]

Influential MP Committee Slams Off-Payroll Implementation

Government departments have been severely criticised by MPs for “widespread non-compliance” with off-payroll legislation resulting in £236m being owed to HMRC  for incorrect IR35 status determinations in 2020-21.  The Public Accounts Committee said: “Such widespread non-compliance is not acceptable, particularly as government bodies should be best placed to understand the rules and communicate with HMRC.” […]

041 The Impact of IR35 Reform On Contractors

We’re completing our trilogy focussing on IR35 reforms by chatting to a contractor about how the new legislation has affected him and his business.  The reforms came into effect in the private sector in April 2020, and for our interviewee the impact has been more significant than COVID.  Shockingly, he lost approximately £80k due to […]

040 IR35 Reforms and Risks – what if you’re “outside IR35”?

For second time in two weeks, we’re excited to welcome back self-confessed IR35 geek, Dave Chaplin!  We’re continuing our discussion about the impact of the off-payroll legislation, one year after implementation in the private sector.  It’s a serious subject with serious financial implications for self-employed contractors, so you really need to listen!  Join us to hear […]

039 One Year Since IR35 Reforms – What’s Changed?

On the anniversary of IR35 reforms, we’re excited to welcome back self-confessed IR35 geek, Dave Chaplin, to talk about the impact of the new legislation.  It’s a serious subject with serious financial implications for self-employed contractors, so you really need to listen!  We take a look at what has happened in the last year, including: A […]

Don’t Look Up! Dave Chaplin Explores The Impact Of The IR35 Meteorite

In our latest Guest Blog, Dave Chaplin, CEO of IR35 Shield discusses the impact of the Off-payroll IR35 reforms since their implementation in April 2021.   Their recent survey of 3,750 contractors revealed much of the fallout, and the main themes are: Newly “inside IR35” contractors abandoned projects in their droves Rates increased for in-demand contractors […]

Navigating the new-normal of Off-Payroll

Navigating the Off-Payroll landscape hasn’t been easy for the contingent labour market and contractors have suffered at the hands of confused hirers and recruiters, many of whom have taken the path of least resistance and blanket banned all limited company contractors rather than adopt a compliant assessment strategy. Now, six months later, as the dust […]