High Wage Areas Lost Most Jobs During The Pandemic

Latest PAYE and furlough data indicate an uneven impact of the pandemic on jobs, with some geographic areas of the UK being much harder hit than others.  Employee numbers are back at, or close to, pre-pandemic form in many regions, but in London the jobs recovery has a long way to go as jobs numbers […]

Pandemic Causes Significant Surge in Freelancers

Online freelance marketplace PeoplePerHour has witnessed a 60% increase in freelancers joining in the last year: More than 227,000 Brits applied as freelancers in 2020, up 60% from 2019 97% of those who have started freelancing in the last year plan to do so beyond the pandemic 1 in 4 turning to freelancing due to […]

Pandemic-related shift in the skills needed for workers to thrive

HP Inc. (NYSE: HPQ) today released the results of its Workforce Evolution Study which surveyed 6,000 office workers on how they are adapting to accelerated changes, and found that the pandemic has caused a shift in the skills needed for workers to thrive. According to the research, respondents feel the need to upskill but don’t […]

Older unemployed workers are likely to be a significant consequence of the pandemic

There is increasing concern about the impact of the pandemic on older workers who become unemployed.  Latest analysis shows that the number of unemployed over-50s in the UK has increased by a third and, according to the Centre for Ageing Better, there is a real risk of them being overlooked and falling into long-term unemployment. […]