Uber Drivers Strike Over Pay And Conditions

The App Drivers & Couriers Union (ADCU) – the union for private hire drivers and couriers – led a 24-hour national strike for Uber drivers from midnight on Tuesday 21 June until 23:59  on Wednesday 22 June. The Union say Uber drivers are facing an unprecedented cost of living crisis due to fuel inflation running […]

GMB Union To Launch Legal Action Against Bolt

GMB Union has announced it will launch legal action against the platform-based private hire firm Bolt.  Proceedings will be lodged with the Employment Tribunal in London on behalf of drivers over their classification as self-employed workers.  According to GMB, Bolt continues to use a bogus self-employment model, denying drivers sick pay, pension rights and other […]

Gig Economy ‘Fairness’ Ratings Published

Some 4.4 million people rely on gig economy platforms for at least part of their income, a figure that has more than doubled between 2016 and 2021.  This growing sector is controversial with concerns that workers are being exploited or treated unfairly, so academic group Fairwork has independently analysed five fairness aspects of the most […]

Seattle City Council Votes To Protect Gig Workers

Seattle City Council has unanimously passed a policy to create protections for gig workers who deliver meals, groceries and packages, and some on-demand service providers. According to the council, many app-based workers are underpaid, and sometimes after expenses (mileage, vehicle maintenance, insurance and other business expenses) workers may even lose money on a job.  It’s long […]

Gig Workers To Be Taxed At Source In Ireland?

According to The Times, Ireland’s Revenue wants to tax workers in the gig economy as soon as they are paid.  These workers obtain their gigs through online platforms and apps such as Deliveroo and Uber, and the platforms would be responsible for deducting tax on each transaction before workers receive their pay. Under the plan, […]

Gig Economy Workers Likely To Recommend Their Workplace

Gig economy workers are more likely to recommend the platform/organisation they work through with 66% saying it’s “a great place to work” compared to 53% of non-platform workers.  This is according to research by Collective Benefits who analysed the wants and needs of 2000 workers in the UK, 1000 of whom were platform workers. Platform […]

Deliveroo Found Guilty of Abusing Riders’ Rights in France

Deliveroo has been found guilty of abusing the freelance status of it’s cycle riders in France, with two former managers being given suspended one-year prison sentences and fined 30,000 euros each.  The company was fined the maximum penalty of 375,000 euros and will have to publish the court decision on Deliveroo’s French home page for one […]

Platform And Gig Economy Research – Your Help Needed!

Politicians, platforms, companies and the media are constantly talking about the growing phenomenon that is the gig economy and platform work.  For some this represents the glorious, Utopian future of freedom, choice and opportunity.  For others it represents a nightmare mix of precarious work, low incomes and vulnerability. The debate is missing YOUR voice, we […]

Bolt Makes Mobility Accessible To UK Refugee Community

A fantastic new collaboration has been announced which will support refugees access much-needed transport to get to appointments, visit loved ones, and run errands. Bolt, a platform economy business which provides ‘on demand’ transport is partnering with The Bike Project – a charity that takes in second hand bikes, refurbishes them, and donates them to […]