Gig Workers Health At Risk Due To Outdated Legislation

A report published by IOSH highlights that outdated Health & Safety legislation has not kept pace with modern working practices, leaving the ever-growing gig economy to fend for themselves. Gig Economy Work Is Unhealthy IOSH surveyed over 1,000 gig workers, 40% of whom said they have experienced stress caused by their work, and a third […]

Most Gig Economy Workers Choose It As Their Primary Income

In a surprising development, the gig economy is now the primary source of income for most workers in the sector (61%), not just a means of supplementing other income.  Traditionally the gig economy has been a convenient way to earn additional money on top of other work, such as delivering parcels outside of normal working […]

Free Childcare Option Being Trialed By Uber

Uber trials offering it’s drivers free childcare in a bid to encourage more parents to join their driver workforce.   The minicab app platform announced it is offering 10 hours of free childcare for 1,000 of its UK drivers as childcare costs are a “barrier” for women joining the company. Opportunities for the highest earnings are […]

Gig Economy Drivers’ Wages Don’t Cover Living Costs

Four in five drivers working in the gig economy say their earnings don’t cover the cost of living according to a recent survey conducted by law firm Leigh Day. Respondents who drive for Addison Lee and Bolt drivers disclosed their working conditions, including that they don’t have time to take breaks and over half (50.23%) […]

Gig Worker Welfare Crisis Continues – Rally Held To Support Latest Victim

Just weeks after the 2nd anniversary of Gabriel Bringye’s tragic death, another serious incident has highlighted the welfare crisis facing gig workers throughout the UK.  At around 22:30 on 23 February, Deliveroo driver Mohammed collapsed outside the exclusive Meranti House on Alie Street where he was attempting to make a delivery.  He was denied access […]

Gig Work Welfare Issues Continue Two Years Following Death

Two years ago Gabriel Bringye was killed by teenagers who booked a taxi through online platform Bolt, with the intention of ambushing the driver.  He was found in Tottenham with stab wounds at around 19:30 on 17 February 2021 and tragically Gabriel was later pronounced dead at the scene. Bolt have since introduced several new […]

EU Finally Agrees Platform Workers Rights

After months of negotiations, the European Parliament has finally agreed it’s position on platform workers rights with a new EU Directive set to give this important workforce much-needed protections. In essence, the legislation will mean that these self-employed platform workers will need to be engaged as employees and receive all the statutory rights of employment.  […]

Precarious Gig Work Is Officially Bad For Your Health

People who rely on short-term, temporary, freelance work, or jobs where pay is dependent largely on tips, commissions and bonuses – often suffer poor health related to their financial insecurity, new research has shown. Workers with fluctuating and unpredictable pay tend to have poorer sleep, more stress and miserable physical symptoms that affect their work […]

Self-Employed DPD Courier Found Dead In His Van

A self-employed courier for DPD who was allegedly encouraged to work longer hours for Black Friday has died at one of its Kent warehouses.  Warren Norton was discovered unresponsive by colleagues in his van at the Dartford depot at around 7am on 23 November.  The 49-year-old single father is thought to be sleeping in his […]