Your Holiday Entitlement Could Be Changing!

A recent tribunal case is set to have a massive impact on how holiday is calculated for all workers who’s hours vary, and this of course includes temporary workers.  The case involves Mrs Brazel who was a visiting music tutor at Harpur Trust school.  Brazel was engaged on a zero hours contract and queried how […]

042 Holiday Pay For Temporary Workers – The Pimlico Plumbers Case

All workers in the UK have a statutory right to 5.6 weeks paid holiday per year, and as a temporary worker it’s doubly important to make sure you receive your right.  So we’re chatting to legal expert and friend of the show Rebecca Seeley-Harris who sheds some much-needed light on the subject.  Join us to […]

010 Help, My Boss Has Told Me To Work Self-Employed Or Lose My Job!

There are an increasing number of people who are being given an ultimatum to work on a self-employed basis or lose their job, so we’re discussing the legalities of this with employment status specialist Rebecca Seeley Harris.  It is likely that an employer seeking to convert employees to self-employed are doing so to save money, […]