Planned Redundancies Lowest Level for Years

Employers are planning the lowest number of job cuts for over six years, with latest figures from the Insolvency Service showing 15,661 positions at risk in June 2021.  One year ago the comparable figure was ten times higher, the worst on record. Employers planning 20 or more redundancies have to file a form called HR1 […]

019 Going Freelance Mid-Pandemic

We all know that unfortunately many people have lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic, and a number of those have since gone on to set up their own self-employed business.  Today we’re chatting to one such successful entrepreneur, Jessica Ross, about her experience of setting up her business mid-pandemic.  When we invited […]

Disabled Workers Are 62% More Likely To Be Made Redundant

A truly shocking statistic was revealed at a TUC disabled workers conference: that redundancy rates have been almost two-thirds (62%) higher for disabled workers than their non-disabled colleagues.  The figure comes from TUC analysis of Office of National Statistics data collected during the pandemic. Quoting their own research, the TUC found that workers with disabilities […]