Latest Insight On Government Plans To ‘Regulate’ Umbrella Sector

Yesterday (18 April 2024) was TAM Day, which you can be forgiven for not knowing is “Tax Administration and Maintenance Day”, when the government publishes details on how they plan to achieve their budget announcements.  This meant we finally got some insight into the government’s plans for regulating the umbrella sector, hooray! Regular readers will […]

Government Action On Dodgy Tax Advisors

The Chancellor’s budget was mostly a damp squib for our sector, with many of his announcements leaked in advance.  However, there was one point of interest – the government’s plan to crack down on dodgy tax advisors. Why is that relevant to us? You may be aware of tax avoidance schemes peddled by convincing ‘tax […]

Help Us Develop Umbrella Sector Regulation

Our good friends at JobsAware are seeking the views of umbrella workers on “what is the most appropriate regulatory solution for the umbrella sector”? In conjunction with the launch of the Department for Business and Trade consultation on umbrella company regulation, JobsAware are working with government, business, and umbrella workers on “what is the most […]