Budget Will Cost Households £3k Annually

The Chancellor’s budget will result in a new high tax economy according to overnight analysis by the Resolution Foundation.  With higher growth, inflation and public spending than previously expected, combined with tax rises already in train, the Foundation warns that Britain could be set for a flat recovery for household living standards. In 2026-27 tax […]

High Wage Areas Lost Most Jobs During The Pandemic

Latest PAYE and furlough data indicate an uneven impact of the pandemic on jobs, with some geographic areas of the UK being much harder hit than others.  Employee numbers are back at, or close to, pre-pandemic form in many regions, but in London the jobs recovery has a long way to go as jobs numbers […]

A Quarter Of Young People Worry Mental Health Affects Job Prospects

More than one-in-four 18-24-year olds are afraid that poor mental health will affect their ability to find a job in future, according to new research published by the Resolution Foundation.  Their research used new YouGov survey data to highlight young workers’ concerns about what might lie ahead, and about how mental health struggles that have grown […]

Build Back Fairer As Well As Better

Paul Scully MP, Minister for Small Business, Consumers and Labour Market, stated that the government will “build back fairer as well as better” in relation to tackling inequalities for low-paid workers.  Speaking at an event hosted by the Resolution Foundation, Scully also said that high paid, flexible and secure work will be created as part […]

Biggest Fall in Employment For Older Workers Since the 1980s

The pandemic has led to the biggest annual employment fall for workers over 50 since the 1980s, according to a new report published by the Resolution Foundation.  COVID-19 has created a U-shaped employment shock, with older and younger workers affected far more than those in the middle of the age distribution. While the youngest workers […]

Migrant workers account for UK’s jobs boom in recent years

Migrant workers accounted for 60% of net employment growth between 1996 and 2019 according to a new report by the Resolution Foundation.  Their data shows that migrants account for 67% of net employment growth in the South East, 74% in the West Midlands and 107% in Outer London. However, the net migration of EU workers […]