Digital ID Checks Now A Permanent Option

The government has confirmed that digital right to work checks will now be a permanent option for employers.  Initially allowed as a temporary measure during the pandemic, the efficiencies offered by digital checks has brought pressure on the government to formalise them.  However, there have been concerns that this type of system would not be […]

Digital Right To Work Checks Are Here To Stay!

In another very late notice change, the government has confirmed that right to work checks can continue to take place digitally until at least 5 April 2022.  This is the latest in a long-running saga which we have previously reported on several times. All UK employers are required by law to undertake right to work […]

Right to Work Checks Risk Digital Divide

Following on from last week’s very late announcement that digital right to work checks can continue until 1 September 2021, we attended today’s meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Digital Identity. As a reminder, the government plans to discontinue the current digital right to work checks in favour of returning to in-person checks […]

Right to Work Check Reversal Delayed AGAIN

The government has confirmed that they will delay the reintroduction of in-person right to work checks to 1 September 2021, instead of their previous effective date of 21 June 2021.  In an update to the guidance, the Home Office said that the new date for reintroducing in-person checks was “in order to allow sufficient time […]

Right to Work Check Reversal Delayed

We previously reported that employers would need to revert back to checking workers’ physical documents when conducting right to work checks, despite the fact that digital checks have proven effective during the last year.  However temporary changes to allow digital checks were only temporary, and were only introduced due to the pandemic. The government has […]

Right To Work Checks Go Backwards

In a surprise move, the Home Office has stipulated that employers must revert back to checking *original* documents when confirming employees’ right to work in the UK.  Due to the pandemic, temporary changes were introduced last year to checks to be carried out over video calls. From 17 May 2021 employers must check the prescribed […]