Recruiters Are Busier Than Ever But It’s Taking Longer

Skills shortages in all sectors are inevitably having a significant impact on the recruitment industry, with three in five (58%) saying that they have at least 30% more roles to fill now than before the pandemic.  Almost every respondent to the REC survey (97%) said that it was taking longer than usual to fill those vacancies, […]

Skills Challenges in Financial, Professional and Business Services

New research suggests that addressing skills gaps within the financial, professional and business services (FPBS) sector could boost its yearly output to levels 12% larger than those observed today, equivalent to £38bn annually by 2038, with much of these gains helping to support regional levelling-up across the UK. The report, ‘Skills For Future Success’, from […]

Current Skills Shortages in Engineering, Finance, Health and Construction

According to the Search Consultancy Skills Shortage Report, the sectors most affected by skills shortages are: Engineering & Manufacturing; Financial Services; Healthcare and Construction.  The data presented comes from market research with over 1,000 senior managers across 20 sectors.  Within healthcare 84% of survey respondents felt they were suffering from a lack of skilled workers, and […]