Thousands Of Taxi Drivers Chased By HMRC

Earlier this year new tax compliance regulations were brought in for taxi drivers to self-declare their income when renewing their licence to be a taxi driver.  The new requirement is intended to ensure that taxi drivers’ income is taxed properly, and HMRC is this week chasing up thousands of drivers who they suspect have failed […]

Details Of Taxi Drivers’ New Compliance Check From 2022

In a change that will affect thousands of self-employed taxi drivers, new compliance checks are coming into effect from April 2022.  We previously reported on the development when it was announced in July, and now more information has been published by the government.  Anyone that is a taxi-driver or operates private hire vehicle will be […]

028 New Tax Compliance Check For Taxi Drivers

In July 2021 HMRC announced that taxi drivers must pass a tax compliance test in order to renew their taxi / private hire driver licences.  Of course the new tax compliance check will affect thousands of self-employed taxi and private hire drivers so we wanted to find out more about the likely impact.  To help […]