Ride-Hailing App’s Operating Model Is Unlawful

The High Court has declared Uber’s business model in which the app platform acts only as an agent to a ‘contract’ between driver and passenger, unlawful.  This means that Uber, not individual drivers, will enter into contracts directly with passengers and will be held liable. This is the latest in a string court of cases […]

Dutch Uber Drivers Are Employees

Uber has lost another court case in relation to the employment status of it’s drivers, this time in The Netherlands.  The Federation of Dutch Trade Unions argued that approximately 4,000 Uber drivers working in the Dutch capital should be entitled to certain workers’ rights.  The Amsterdam District Court agreed that drivers should be classed as employees […]

Uber Recognises GMB Union in Historic Deal

GMB union and Uber have announced a historic trade union recognition deal, meaning that GMB will be able to represent up to 70,000 drivers across the UK. Drivers will retain the freedom to choose if, when and where they drive whilst also having the choice to be represented by GMB.  This builds on changes made […]

Uber Gives Their Drivers Some Worker Rights

Following their recent legal battle in relation to the employment status of Uber drivers, (which concluded that the individuals in question were “workers” and not self-employed), the firm has now confirmed it will provide it’s drivers with certain worker rights.  Their 70,000 UK drivers will be guaranteed at least National Living Wage @ £8.72 per […]

015 Supreme Court Uber Decision – Impact on the Gig Economy

You can’t have missed the fact that the Supreme Court recently concluded that Uber drivers are not self-employed, despite being engaged on that basis, but are actually workers.  This is a very significant judgement which looks set to have wide-ranging implications for the gig economy, so today we’re talking to Lewina Farrell, a solicitor with […]

Supreme Court Decides Uber Drivers are Workers Not Self-Employed

The Supreme Court has concluded that Uber drivers are not actually self-employed, despite engaging them on that basis for many years.  The decision was the final stage of a long-running battle with self-employed drivers who are seeking worker rights, and the dispute has been going since 2016.  As the Supreme Court is Britain’s highest court, […]