Queen’s Speech Omits Employment Bill – Again!

We were disappointed to see that once again the Queen’s Speech (delivered by Prince Charles) has omitted to include the long awaited employment bill that was first promised in 2019.  It should have included draft legislation enabling the government to finally start regulating the umbrella sector, something that was first muted in 2017.  Now, some […]

New Director of Labour Market Enforcement – at last!

After a gap of some 9 months, BEIS has announced the appointment of a new Director of Labour Market Enforcement – Margaret Beels OBE takes up the role with immediate effect. She brings extensive industry experience, having been Chair of Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) since 2011, where Margaret led on work to tackle […]

Would State-Run Umbrella Sector Regulation Ensure Workers Get Paid? 

Umbrella workers unpaid You may have seen reports of a cyber-attack on Giant Group last week which has resulted in problems for many of their workers who have not been paid – including some lorry drivers which likely exacerbates the fuel shortage situation.  According to a statement on Giant Pay’s website: “We can confirm that […]

TUC Proposes Banning Umbrella Companies

The TUC has called for umbrella companies to be banned, and have issued a report which outlines their reasoning.  Their research has led the TUC to conclude that umbrellas serve no useful purpose for workers due to confusion regarding pay rates, no Key Information Documents, and employment protections being largely theoretical and/or not valued by […]

027 Umbrella Regulation – Some Quick Wins

This is the second of our two-part special chatting about the unregulated umbrella sector with industry expert Crawford Temple.  We rejoin the conversation discussing the lack of enforcement in the sector and the detrimental impact this is having.  We go on to discuss some quick-wins that HMRC could easily implement which would support and empower […]

026 Could Umbrella Regulation Mirror Financial Services?

There have been many calls for the umbrella sector to be regulated by the government, so we chat to industry expert Crawford Temple to find out his thoughts on the subject.  His answer is very interesting: implement a system similar to financial services which has a track record of success and could achieve the same […]

Umbrella Companies Classified As Tax Advice

The definition of “tax advice” should be broadened out to include umbrella companies and tax software providers according to the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) in their response to HMRC’s consultation on “Raising standards in the tax advice market”.  They say that a wider definition of tax advice is vital to raise standards and enable […]

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

A new report, “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” has been published to address the issues of non-compliance in the umbrella sector.  Written by Professional Passport the report calls for a number of short-term and longer-terms plans to be put in place that will help build a more open, compliant and orderly marketplace without […]

How Contracting Should Work – MPs Inquiry Report Published

At the end of last year, MPs on the Loan Charge All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) ran an inquiry into “How Contracting Should Work” and the report has been published today (08/04/21).  The purpose of the inquiry was to consider the wider context leading to the use of disguised remuneration, so the report examines how […]