Make Sure You Benefit From The National Insurance Cut

Temporary workers, umbrella workers and zero hours workers operating via PAYE should benefit from £450 a year tax cut, but many don’t realise they’re entitled to it. Make sure you check your payslip for to ensure you benefit from the recent cut in National Insurance Contributions (NICs) worth, in some cases, £450 a year. This […]

HMRC’s Latest Umbrella Guidance – Helpful Or Nothing New? 

HMRC recently issued guidance for recruitment businesses using umbrella companies, which on the surface seems a positive step forward, but what does it actually mean for umbrella workers? Nothing has actually changed The first point to make is that nothing has actually changed – no new rules or regulations have been brought in.  Instead, it seems to be […]

Rolled Up Holiday Pay To Be Allowed!

IMPORTANT development that should stop umbrellas and agencies stealing your holiday pay! The government has issued it’s response to the recent consultation on holiday pay and confirms that rolled up holiday pay will be officially allowed from next year. This is important for umbrella and agency workers, some of whom have had holiday pay unfairly […]

Help Us Develop Umbrella Sector Regulation

Our good friends at JobsAware are seeking the views of umbrella workers on “what is the most appropriate regulatory solution for the umbrella sector”? In conjunction with the launch of the Department for Business and Trade consultation on umbrella company regulation, JobsAware are working with government, business, and umbrella workers on “what is the most […]

Holiday Pay Changes – Will You Be Better Off?

The government has launched a consultation to establish how holiday should be calculated for temporary workers in the wake of last year’s Harpur Trust v Brazel case.  This ruling established that holiday entitlement should not be pro-rated down any further than 1 year, i.e. all workers should receive 5.6 weeks paid holiday annually, no matter […]

Understanding Your Pay Rate Via An Umbrella

Understanding your pay as a temporary worker can be difficult at the best of times, let alone when you are paid via an umbrella company.  There can be confusion over assignment rate vs your gross pay, plus confusion over employers NICs and other overheads.  So we chat to Roy Beale who is an expert in […]

Your Holiday Entitlement Could Be Changing!

A recent tribunal case is set to have a massive impact on how holiday is calculated for all workers who’s hours vary, and this of course includes temporary workers.  The case involves Mrs Brazel who was a visiting music tutor at Harpur Trust school.  Brazel was engaged on a zero hours contract and queried how […]

Holiday Campaign Launched #doyougetyours

IWORK and Contractor Voice have launched a campaign to raise awareness that thousands of temporary workers and umbrella contractors are missing out on their statutory right to paid holiday. Legal right to paid holiday The working time directive states that all UK workers are entitled to receive 5.6 weeks paid holiday annually.  The statutory right […]

Temps and Umbrella Workers Holiday Calculations May Change

An important ruling from the Supreme Court in Harpur Trust v Brazel means that the way in which holiday entitlement is calculated for temporary and umbrella workers may change.  The case concerns the method of calculating holiday for a school music teacher (Mrs Brazel) who was  engaged on a zero hours contract to work during […]