New Report Concludes “Mini Umbrella Companies” Are Tax Fraud

A well-known tax reporter, Dan Neidle, has concluded that a well-known mini-umbrella company scheme should be described as tax fraud, not tax avoidance.  The scheme was set up to exploit the employment allowance (£3k benefit intended to support small companies who take on employees) and the flat rate VAT scheme. Neidle’s analysis calculates that the […]

Construction Industry Scheme Fraudsters Caught

One man has been jailed and three others sentenced after attempting to steal £260,000 in fraudulent Construction Industry Scheme tax repayments.  Under CIS, taxes are deducted at source from self-employed people working in the construction sector, meaning that the self-employed workers are paid after tax and the company making the deduction has to pay the […]

CV Fraudster Must Repay Earnings

If you’re ever tempted to lie on your CV, don’t!  The Supreme Court has ruled that CV fraudsters must pay back at least part of their wages if they are caught falsifying qualifications and experience, a decision that has cost Jon Andrewes over £96k. Jon Andrewes, 69, worked for more than a decade in various […]