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What People Say About Us

Thanks Julia for explaining how a compliant umbrella works, I've been able to make an informed choice.


contractor required to choose an umbrella

Without Julia's help I had no idea where to even start! Now I know what I'm doing and especially in relation to what scams to look out for.


umbrella employee who suspected a scam​

Whilst listening to the episodes and the trailer, I didn't only learn some things but found it very insightful!


newly self-employed individual​

These initial podcasts on self-employment are fabulous. Julia is extremely knowledgeable on these matters and great at pulling together various resources. Her new IWORK website will be great for both those new and experienced in self-employment matters.


reviewed on Apple Podcasts

Thanks to the pandemic I’ve recently changed from fulltime employment into short term contract based employment. I’d not been a temp for nearly 30 years , so my expectations and understanding was a little dated. The host is clearly well versed on the subject & is able to convey the message clearly and concisely.

Trigger Inside

reviewed on Apple Podcasts

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