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Gig Workers Health At Risk Due To Outdated Legislation

A report published by IOSH highlights that outdated Health & Safety legislation has not kept pace with modern working practices, leaving the ever-growing gig economy to fend for themselves.

Gig Economy Work Is Unhealthy

IOSH surveyed over 1,000 gig workers, 40% of whom said they have experienced stress caused by their work, and a third reporting exhaustion.  More than half of respondents said their unpredictable income causes financial struggles while their irregular working patterns mean they struggle to care for dependents or take holidays.  The issues are compounded by outdated legislation based on traditional employment which doesn’t address many health and safety risks associated with gig work.

Could Gig Technology Be Harnessed?

Technology plays a vital role in the gig economy, particularly as most workers are remote from the head office.  However, the presence of monitoring, surveillance and algorithmic management presents its own threats to worker wellbeing, data privacy, working conditions and worker autonomy.  IOSH asks if the same technology could be beneficial in supporting workers health, for example Uber uses a fatigue monitoring system with its drivers.

Will anything actually change?

It’s great that an official report is highlighting the issues faced by gig workers, but will anything actually change for the better anytime soon?  Ruth Wilkinson, Head of Policy at IOSH said that people working in the gig economy are really struggling, which is of real concern and requires action.  They plan to work with the government and policymakers to update legislation and ensure it keeps pace with modern work.

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