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Empowering temps, gig economy workers and the self-employed through information, advice, lobbying and campaigning

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Julia Kermode, Founder

IWORK was founded in December 2020 by Julia Kermode to support and champion the UK’s army of temps, gig economy workers, contractors and the self-employed. You’re an unseen army of unsung heroes and it’s time for your work to be recognised and championed!

Information & advice

You are the lifeblood of the UK economy in all industries, but you’re at risk of being exploited by unscrupulous businesses that take advantage of you. We have many years of expertise which we use to support and empower you:

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  • Listen to our podcasts for all the knowledge you need to thrive. We discuss hot topics and bring you insights from specially selected leading experts.
  • Can’t find an answer to something? Ask us! Simply email info@iwork.co.uk and we’ll get back to you

Lobbying & championing

Around 20% of people are not permanently employed, choosing instead to be self-employed, contractor, freelancer, temporary or gig worker, and yet you are often forgotten by the government and media. That’s why we’re on a mission to empower you and get your voices heard!

  • We lobby the government on your behalf to make sure they consider how policies will impact on you
  • We campaign for justice on your behalf on issues such as:
    • Ensuring temps receive their statutory paid holiday;
    • Raising the trading allowance so you can keep more of your hard earned income;
    • Calling for action on HMRC’s disastrous loan charge policy.
  • We represent you in the media to ensure your perspective is included and accurately reflected in key discussions.
  • We champion independent working because this flexibility is vital to the economy. Done properly it’s a win:win for everyone!


We’re building a community for agency workers, temps, gig workers and the self-employed, and would love YOU to be part of it! Whatever it is that you’re doing, if you’re working independently then we’re here to support you. Follow us on social media and get involved.

But why was IWORK formed?

Our founder, Julia Kermode, has many years of expertise in supporting the contingent workforce and is a well-known authority in the contracting sector. In recent years she became frustrated that the people most affected by tax and employment legislation are those with the least control in their own status.

The pandemic saw many people lose their jobs as well a rise in alternative ways of working, meaning more people at risk of exploitation – so IWORK was born. In this video (recorded in November 2020) Julia discusses why:

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