A Final Kick In The Teeth For The Excluded

In a final kick in the teeth for many self-employed and PAYE company directors who were excluded from the government’s COVID financial support, it has now been confirmed that the Treasury expects to recover only £1 of every £4 fraudulently claimed during the pandemic. Unbelievably, this means writing off £4.3bn of the £5.8bn of taxpayer […]

Recruitment Firm Accused Of Furlough Fraud

We all know someone who was required by their managers to keep on working whilst furloughed, despite it being against the rules.  Many companies did this so it’s good to see this BBC investigation which is probably just the tip of the iceberg. Secret recordings obtained by File on 4 and The Times newspaper appear […]

029 Holiday Entitlement For Furloughed Temporary / Agency Workers

This podcast builds on the earlier podcast done with Paul Chamberlain of JMW Solicitors looking at holiday for agency workers.  Today we are joined by Lewina Farrell, a specialist legal advisor to the recruitment sector, to specifically look at the issue of whether agency workers were entitled to holiday pay whilst on furlough.  We cover […]

High Wage Areas Lost Most Jobs During The Pandemic

Latest PAYE and furlough data indicate an uneven impact of the pandemic on jobs, with some geographic areas of the UK being much harder hit than others.  Employee numbers are back at, or close to, pre-pandemic form in many regions, but in London the jobs recovery has a long way to go as jobs numbers […]

Numbers On Furlough Hit All-Time Low

Figures published by HM Treasury which cover the period to 30 June 2021 show the fewest number of people on furlough since the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme launched in March 2020. almost three million people have moved off furlough since March; more than half a million people left the scheme in the month of June […]

Accruing Holiday Whilst Furloughed – Another Case Decided

An Employment Tribunal has recently dismissed a claim for holiday pay allegedly accrued by a temporary agency worker whilst on furlough, in contrast with another recent case which found in the agency worker’s favour. In the latest case, Mr D Perkins v The Best Connection Group Limited (case no. 1602061/2020), Mr Perkins brought a claim […]

Disabled Mums THREE Times More Likely To Have Lost Work

No sooner do we click send on our latest newsletter focussing on inequalities (check it out here) than we hear of yet another inequality – disabled mums are three times more likely to have lost work during the pandemic compared to non-disabled parents.  This is a shocking statistic, and is just one of the conclusions […]

Part-Time Workers Disproportionately Impacted by Pandemic

Social enterprise Timewise has analysed what has happened to part-time workers during the pandemic – and found HALF have been ‘away from work’ (furloughed) or had their hours reduced compared to just one third of fulltime workers. While HALF the part-time workforce were away from work (furloughed) or had their working hours reduced during the […]

Furlough Numbers Fall To Their Lowest Level Yet

Furlough numbers have fallen to their lowest level this year, according to official statistics which confirm that the number of people relying on the scheme fell to 3.4 million. 1.3 million fewer employees accessed the furlough scheme in March and April according to new data showing our focus on jobs continues to pay off the […]