Underage Children Working For Food Delivery Apps 

A BBC investigation has discovered child labour working for food delivery apps in the gig economy, yet the businesses they work for seem powerless to intervene.  This is because app riders are ‘self-employed’ and they can substitute someone else to do the work – which encourages a trade in online accounts, including to children. How has […]

Protest Held Against Just Eat Robo-Firings

A protest has been staged at Just Eat’s sumptuous London offices over the company’s use of automated decision making to unfairly mass robo-fire 30 of their food delivery workers from the Brick Lane area of East London.  This is an area of London famous for its strong community bonds, ethnic diversity and a multitude of […]

Gig Economy Companies Pledge To Improve Courier Safety

Some of the biggest names in the gig economy have signed a charter with Transport for London to keep their couriers safer whilst working in London.  Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Just Eat, Getir and Stuart are among those committing to improvements for their workers.  It’s a move that follows recent media reports of gig economy workers […]

Self-Employed Couriers Launch Cases Against Just Eat And Gophr

Two group claims have been launched this week against two different takeaway companies, with both arguing that the self-employed couriers are actually workers and should receive certain statutory rights accordingly.  If the cases are successful, couriers from Just Eat and Gophr could receive backdated holiday and any shortfalls in NMW. Back in 2020 the Supreme […]

Just Eat Respond To Union Letter Following Redundancies

Following last week’s announcement of 1700 redundancies at Just Eat, the IWGB Union requested an urgent meeting to “discuss your sudden decision to end their employment assignments via Randstad” The job cuts affect riders in the UK who are on the “Scoober” model, which Just Eat introduced in 2020, lauding it as being “greener, fairer, […]

‘Hypocritical’ Just Eat Reverts Back To Self-Employed Drivers

Just Eat plans to make 1,700 couriers redundant from as the takeaway delivery firm reverts back to a gig economy model and scraps guaranteed minimum pay, sick pay and holiday pay.  The couriers are currently engaged as ‘workers’ will be replaced by self-employed individuals. The decision has been described as “a risky move” and “hypocritical”, given […]