Government Not Committed To Tackling Worker Exploitation

The government has just published the Labour Market Enforcement Strategy for 2023/24.  This is an important document which ultimately aims to stamp out exploitation of workers.  It looks at the big picture of risks and non-compliance. Frustration with the government Margaret Beels is the director of labour market enforcement, and wrote the report.  In it, […]

Government Labour Market Strategy “Too Little Too Late”

Some 12 months after it was written, the long-awaited Labour Market Enforcement Strategy 2022/23 has finally been published – almost at the end of the period it is meant to cover!  The strategy outlines the government’s plan to ensure legislation keeps pace with the evolving employment landscape. Within this, Margaret Beels OBE Director of Labour […]

New Director of Labour Market Enforcement – at last!

After a gap of some 9 months, BEIS has announced the appointment of a new Director of Labour Market Enforcement – Margaret Beels OBE takes up the role with immediate effect. She brings extensive industry experience, having been Chair of Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) since 2011, where Margaret led on work to tackle […]