023 Enjoy Pitching: Using Your Mindset

This the first episode of a trilogy on enjoying pitching, and today we are focussing on using your mindset so that you can enjoy pitching.  We’re talking to Crocodile Wrestler Martin Barnes about how your way of thinking can be converted from hating pitching to enjoying it.  We cover everything from boosting your confidence, to […]

022 Using Your Entrepreneurial Mindset to Make Things Happen

Today we’re chatting with David Barker, who in his own words is an accidental entrepreneur.  We actually think he is a serial entrepreneur, but that’s not the point!  In 1994, David was one of the UK’s first internet entrepreneurs and we wanted to find out how to use your mindset to make things happen.  Cue […]

021 Surviving the Pandemic & Coming Back Stronger

Today we’re talking to technology entrepreneur David Barker about his experience of the pandemic as a contractor, how the loss of funding meant the closure the business he was contracted to, and also how he created new opportunities for himself.  It’s very interesting to hear about the different options facing David, and what led him […]

004: Believing in yourself and achieving more than you think possible

We talk to athlete-turned-business-coach Paula Cohen about having faith in yourself and your abilities even when your mindset might be telling you different.  We discuss how people with real self-belief can out-perform others who have more talent but less belief.  As an athlete, Paula knows the importance of competing and putting yourself on the line, […]