Businesses Will Pay Whatever It Takes For Top Freelance Talent

As the negative impact of staff shortages is felt across a myriad of UK industry sectors, a new survey from freelancer website PeoplePerHour reveals the critical role employers believe freelancers will play, and the competition this is creating for top talent.  According to the research, 84% believe freelancers can make a positive difference to their business, […]

New Research Shows One in Five Freelancers Working a ‘Side-Hustle’

New research on the freelance jobs marketplace shows more people have turned to freelancing alongside employed jobs during the pandemic. Nearly 1 in 5 freelancers (19%) are self-employed as a side-hustle alongside an employee position. Nearly two-fifths of side-hustlers (37%) said they started  freelancing in the last 12 months. 98% of side-hustlers plan to continue […]