Asda Workers Win Latest Stage of Equal Pay Battle

Thousands of Asda supermarket workers have won a major victory at the Supreme Court in their battle for equal pay.  The court upheld an earlier court ruling that lower-paid shop staff, who are mostly women, can compare themselves with higher paid warehouse workers, who are mostly men. The judge stressed the ruling did not mean […]

Sleeping Carers Not Entitled to NMW

A long-running case has concluded with the Supreme Court ruling that care workers who are required to sleep at their workplace in case they are needed during the night are not entitled to National Minimum Wage for the time that they are sleeping.  The Supreme Court has agreed with the Court of Appeal’s 2018 decision […]

Supreme Court Decides Uber Drivers are Workers Not Self-Employed

The Supreme Court has concluded that Uber drivers are not actually self-employed, despite engaging them on that basis for many years.  The decision was the final stage of a long-running battle with self-employed drivers who are seeking worker rights, and the dispute has been going since 2016.  As the Supreme Court is Britain’s highest court, […]