HMRC Closes Self-Assessment Helpline Just When You Might Need It!

As of yesterday (12 June 2023), HMRC has closed their self-assessment helpline for 3 months, with only digital services available in the meantime to anyone needing help.  According to HMRC, this will allow 350 advisors to take urgent calls on other lines and answer customer queries.  However, it means that the millions of self-employed people […]

Is Your Property Income On HMRC’s Radar?

Alongside targeting income earned through retail platforms such as Ebay and Etsy, HMRC are also doubling down their efforts on tax evasion through undeclared property income.  This means that if you have a side hustle of renting accommodation through platforms such as Airbnb, VRBO and then you might be on HMRC’s radar. ‘We’re making […]

Self Assessment Via App?

Did you know that you can do your annual tax self-assessment via an app on your phone?  More than 50,000 people have already used the service, so we decided to give it a whirl ourselves.  Good news!  Much as we normally criticise HMRC, we can find no fault with their self-assessment app.  It’s pretty much […]

Construction Industry Scheme Fraudsters Caught

One man has been jailed and three others sentenced after attempting to steal £260,000 in fraudulent Construction Industry Scheme tax repayments.  Under CIS, taxes are deducted at source from self-employed people working in the construction sector, meaning that the self-employed workers are paid after tax and the company making the deduction has to pay the […]

Gig Workers To Be Taxed At Source In Ireland?

According to The Times, Ireland’s Revenue wants to tax workers in the gig economy as soon as they are paid.  These workers obtain their gigs through online platforms and apps such as Deliveroo and Uber, and the platforms would be responsible for deducting tax on each transaction before workers receive their pay. Under the plan, […]

037 What to do if HMRC investigate?

No-one wants to have their finances investigated by HMRC, but it can happen to any self-employed person even if they have done nothing wrong.  So what do you do if you find yourself in that position, and how do you know being investigated anyway?  These are just some of the questions we asked the brilliant […]

Self Assessment Late Payment Costs Increase

As HMRC interest rates are linked to the Bank of England base rate, the increase in the base rate from 0.25% to 0.5% on 3 February 2022 has triggered an increase in rates for late payments. HMRC have confirmed that late payment interest rates will increase from 21 February 2022. This means that anyone that […]

Umbrella Workers – Check Your HMRC Record!

Important guidance released from HMRC – anyone working through an umbrella should check both their payslip and personal tax account to ensure that HMRC is receiving appropriate tax and NICs. This advice in itself is not new news (we have recommended these steps for years), but it is the first time HMRC has issued such […]