Government Must Abandon ‘Unworkable’ Plan For Temps To Cover Strikes

Representatives of both the recruitment agency sector and workers unions have called on the government to abandon its “unworkable” plan to lift the ban on agency workers filling in during strikes. The full joint statement from the TUC and REC reads: The Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) and Trades Union Congress (TUC) are urging the government […]

6.2 Million People Trapped In Insecure Work

New in-depth analysis of UK job market data reveals women, disabled people, ethnic minorities and young workers have been consistently affected by insecure employment over the last twenty years. The Work Foundation, a leading think-tank dedicated to improving work in the UK, has launched its UK Insecure Work Index report which examines the prevalence of […]

Employment Bill Is Unlikely To Go Ahead

There are rumours that the much anticipated Employment Bill will likely be excluded from the Queen’s speech in May 2022, as indicated by an official government source.  This is the latest development in a long line of delays and broken promises on the planned legislation that would have particularly benefited gig workers and umbrella employees. […]

TUC Calls For Umbrellas To Be Banned

As reported in The Guardian, the TUC has reiterated it’s stance that umbrellas should be banned.  Their comments are in response to the government’s recent consultation on the umbrella market, and plans for umbrellas to be regulated by the Employment Standards Inspectorate within BEIS.  According to the article, the TUC is concerned that the proposals […]

Women Work For Free Two Months Every Year

The average woman effectively works for free for nearly two months of the year compared to the average man, according to analysis published by the TUC today (Friday).  The gender pay gap for all employees is 15.4%.  This pay gap means that women wait 56 days before they start to get paid at all during […]

Spiralling Gig Economy Engages 4.4m Workers Each Week

The number of people working for gig economy platforms has near-tripled in England and Wales over the past five years, according to new research published by the TUC today.  This amounts to 4.4 million people working for gig economy platforms at least once a week.  In addition, almost a quarter (22.6%) of workers have done […]

030 Should umbrellas be banned? We discuss the TUC’s recent proposal.

The TUC recently proposed that umbrella companies should be banned and published an accompanying report detailing their research and analysis of the umbrella sector.  Today we’re chatting with Matthew Creagh, TUC policy officer, about what led to their position and proposed ban. Join us to find out more about: What led to the TUC’s position that […]

TUC Proposes Banning Umbrella Companies

The TUC has called for umbrella companies to be banned, and have issued a report which outlines their reasoning.  Their research has led the TUC to conclude that umbrellas serve no useful purpose for workers due to confusion regarding pay rates, no Key Information Documents, and employment protections being largely theoretical and/or not valued by […]

Class Divide in Who Gets Flexible Working

New polling in a report published by the TUC reveals an emerging class divide as some workers opt to keep working from home whereas those who can’t work from home have little access to any forms of flexible working. The number of workers who work from home has been transformed by the pandemic. Nine out […]